Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wedding Favor Project

When I was thinking of what wedding favors we could have nothing fit better than giving everyone tree seedlings. I love the idea of so many tiny trees getting a start somewhere in the world because of our wedding. I've even gone as far to imagine getting to see them 20 years from now in one of our friend's yards, *sigh* it touches my little green heart. There are several places online to get seedlings but they are all about $2+ each, which doesn't fit with my budget when you multiply that by 115 potential guests. So I thought, well I have a few months why not try to grow them ourselves? Now I know there's a big possibility they won't grow or will be really tiny when August rolls around but hey for $8 it's worth a try! 

I ordered 120 Douglas Fir seeds from Whatcom Seed Co in Oregon and they arrived last week. Little did I know Douglas fir seeds need to be cold stratified, which this time of year means the seed have to be put in the fridge for 30 days to mimic the fall frosts. I soaked them overnight and today I put them in a small bag of soil and put them in the fridge. Now the waiting begins.

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